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      Welcome to taiyiming optoelectronic technology official website  |         未标题-1.png  18641138876      |        未标题-2.png   Online consultation





      Dalian taiyiming optoelectronic technology co., LTD. Is a branch company established by Korea taiming corporation in China, which is mainly responsible for equipment assembly. With 20 years of color sorting machine r & d manufacturing experience and technical accumulation. Our products are sold in more than 20 countries and we have branches in Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India and Peru. Taiming color sorting machine is not only used in rice, grains, beans, nuts, dehydrated vegetables, tea and other traditional fields, but also in the quartz sand, salt and other fine materials color selection effect industry is preferred. The machine can select products with particles of 4-120 mesh range.

      In order to better quality, more efficient service to Chinese users, the current South Korea taiming TC series color selection machine has fully entered the Chinese market.


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